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Livet i Australien ... 2016-02-01 - 04:40:00
One year, 365 days or probably hundreds of hours has just flown by since I left Sweden. And I have to write that this year has been incredible and I'm so proud of myself. I've managed to accomplish so much over this year. The most important is that I've become the person I always wanted to be but couldn't be in Sweden. The old me let people just run me over because I couldn't stand up for myself. I chose not to say what I really wanted because I was afraid to lose friends. I didn't really like go out partying because I felt insecure of the way I look. I had the worst self esteem. I could barely say thank you when I got a compliment.
Today I stand up for myself and don't let people run me over. I say what I want and I'm honest because I realised along the way that I would rather lose friends I don't get along with than have fake friends. 
Today I'm confident in myself and I love myself, for how I look and for who I am. I go out partying without feeling bad about myself and to compliments I say, 'Thank you, I know, right!'
So this year has been a journey I'll never regret. This has been the year I learnt so much about life, different cultures, travel and so much more. I've met the most amazing people from all around the world that make me feel so happy. I wanna thank them for always being with me and supporting me when I'm losing it. Especially Mikaela, who has seen the best but worst of me. To still have her by my side means so much. We are both so weird and crazy and I love her and that I live with her.
The biggest thank you is to my family, even though they are on the other side of the world they are always here to help and support me when I need it.   
Sweden will forever be my home but so will Australia. Australia is now what I call home. I’m not done here, I’m not done with feeling great, I’m not done with meeting new people, I’m not done with making mistakes, I'm not done with drinking jägerbombs and coming home at 7am, I’m not done with white beaches, I’m not done with adventure and travelling, I'm not done with Australia. I'm here to stay, at least for some more years. 

Emma - Merakibeauty.se

åh så snyggt hår du har!

2016-02-01 @ 09:36:25 | http://merakibeauty.se

I´m so proud of you and give also my best Wishes to Mikaela.

With love

2016-02-01 @ 09:39:41

Hallå Soffan...tänk att ett år går så snabbt.Skönt att allt går bra och att du har härliga vänner.Ser fram emot att få besöka ditt"nya land" framöver, även om det känns långt dit just nu...men tiden går fort.Ha det gott...

2016-02-01 @ 12:01:20

Jag är inte lika internationell som mormor då ;) men är så glad för din skull att du funnit din plats på jorden ( hoppas bara inte för hela livet dock ) och att du har funnit Mickan :) och för pappsen skull hoppas jag vi kan åka i höst så han får se detta underbara land :)

2016-02-01 @ 16:34:33 | http://millansfoto.blogg.se

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